Monday, 26 August 2013

Banks are evil

Bankers are evil freaks! It true speculative investments, economic forecasts, trading stocks that dont exist without thought of other people. The greed of the bankers and the upper classes is really squeezing and destroying the country. In the past small businesses could thrive if the owner put in enough effort and hard work nowadays however it is impossible for you to even start your own small business from scratch. With loans impossibly high and mortgages....... but in the past you wouldn't even need a loan not unless you were desperate.... Rising costs of fuel and rent makes setting up shop even harder without money behind you....... Everything is impossible.

Heres a good post about how economics is not science and why the bankers are taking us all for fools

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The economy is a fix!

 It's easy to blame those less fortunate for the economy... "the scroungers" some may refer to them as at the bottom that are exploiting the benefit system....... but really it isn't the lesser off that you should worry about but the upper classes who are taking us all for a ride and have fixed the economy to their advantage.

The middle class really need to SHUT UP TELLING PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE THAN THEM WHAT THEY SHOULD OR SHOULDN'T DO! Unemployed people are lazy... that why they cannot get jobs... that is the anthem of middle class people who do not want to support unemployed people in tough times because they are bitterly selfish and think they have morals when really when they dont. But the real enemy are the rich upper classes who control what the middle classes think which are the real enemies to the majority of people. They are the real parasites who live off other peoples hard work! Trading imaginary stocks on the stock market! Did you know that you no longer need human input to make a trade on the stock market. its now just all down to computers trading stocks between themselves in one big FIX! AN AVERAGE PERSON wont be able to do this or uses the patented technologies to trade stocks lightening fast (faster than a human) meaning if a average person wanted to trade these "stocks" and make money like the upper classes do they wont be able to keep up with the computers and would loos all their money as the stock market is a fix!

The rich will stoop to any level to secure their riches

The selfish race to get rich and powerful has been going on since human kind has begun.. Who are the winners? Or who has won? Well the winners are the top 0.5% of the world who run everything and own everything.. yet because of their greed they will never be happy and will continue to squeeze those lesser of than them to help increase their wealth and secure it! The rich will do anything to secure and increase their wealth these rich people will stoop to any levels to do this. They dont care who they effect or what they do as long as they get profits now!

Capital city parasites!!!!

It really isn't any fun being broke in the suburb. You find that all of your option are non existent... you are only living to serve the rich. If you do not live in a major city then you are doomed. There really is quite a clear capitalist bubble around capitol cities.. based on lies that the capital is the place to be the made up fantasy world of the capital is what drives the economy there and sucks all other economics activity out of the rest of the country.

The capitol cities dont make anything the people in them are just parasites really! You wont find factories there or anything that should really equate to the vast wealth capitols are worth. yes they host the government and big businesses but what do those big businesses really do? Just boss around the rest of the country ordering and controlling them whilst reaping the rewards whilst the actual workers suffer!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Brokeinthesuburb- welcome

With no jobs available in suburbs and a recession effecting even those in the city it really does mean that people living in suburbs really are suffering and being hit the hardest! That is why i have created this blog!