Monday, 9 September 2013

A thought about...

Life isn't about the capitalist illusion but the complete opposite! Capitalism is shallow and unfortunately has the world in its grasp! Instead of being another victim to capitalism, escape! Its pure and simple. The greed of wanting more only traps the soul... Everyone is competing to get more money and to survive... just like the animal kingdom... survival of the fittest... is this right no? Don't let this happen!

You dont need money to be happy!

Money is the source of greed. You can be POOR AND HAPPY I TELL YA! YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW! Society is based on greed and the beleif that you can only be happy if you are rish. Which just goes to show what a shallow society we live in! The fact is you can still make the most of life even if you dont have the money to do so! Helping others doesnt cost a thing and will make you happy! Achieving stuff and making yourself proud that is the point im trying to make!


I found a old email which pointed to a high pr domain I was going to buy in godaddy auctions.. It was a pr5 sports blog. A good link profile with no spam pointing to it and because it was about sports exactly what i needed! However i was unable to buy it because proxy bidders on godaddy kept making the price rise until it reached a unrealistic and stupid price, meaning I couldn't buy it and start my own sports blog with it. Anyway...I decided to visit the domain again to see what the person who bought has done to the website.... You would expect big thing especially because the domain costed a big sum.... So I revistied the domain and found to amazement that the website it nothing more than 1 a page article about docotrs or something. With poor grammar and a backlink to a doctor website it is quite clear that who ever bought this domain has more money than sense and hasn't used this pr 5 to its full potential at all. It is obvious that the person who bought the domain has one thing on there mind.. seo...... but do they know how to do seo? Simply answer.. no! If they did they would have made a 1 page rubbishy website with 1 article about something really irrelevant and nothing at all about sports... with which all the backlinks are about. Goolge isn't stupid...... Not only now does the website have a link profile that is totally irrelevant to the website the website is very thin on content meaning i would be surprised if the website gets penalized by google and if a manual reviewer sees this website deindexed entirely. It just makes me angry that some people just CAN go around wasting money because they seem to have a endless supply whereas others cannot afford to do this and wouldn't waste a valuable domain like that!

Some people dont know the value of money and really are stupid as they are not going to get there money back through the price they paid for that investment from the seo benifits that they will gain from buying that domain! OH WELL MORONS! MOST SEO COMPANYS ARENT ENGLISH ANYWAY AND FROM THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES WHERE THEY ARE ALL ILLTERATE ANYWAY.... BUT MAKES YOU THINK WHERE THEY ARE GETTING ALL THIS MONEY TO WASTE ANYWAY!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Stupid higher shoes people stealing my website content! Some freaks from china guess what they have been doing with one of my website which sells height increasing insoles? They have been using my content and using it to promote and fill their own website which sells higher shoes and height increasing insoles! The freaks are infringing my copyright and taking away business from me as they rank in google using my content! I could if they didn't live all the way in china sue them for damages an copyright infringement... I tried contacting their host to get there rubbish high elevator shoe selling website closed down but i got ignored by the freaks! I then tried contacting the website directly to reason with them but i got a response of why? they should delete my copyrighted content... WHY!? what a bunch of *$@£%^& I hope something horrible happens to them. By the looks of their automated blog they are ripping everyone's content who talks about the keywords growing taller... height increasing insoles and higher shoes/ elevator i wouldn't be surprised if this article shows up as well on that rubbish website...... IF IT DOES AND YOU READING THIS ARTICLE ON A WEBSITE OTHER THAN BROKEINTHESUBURB THEN YOUR READING A RIPPED COPY OF THIS ARTICLE AND YOU SHOULDN'T TRUST THE WEBSITE OWNERS AT ALL.. AND REALLY SHOULDN'T BUY OFF THEM BECAUSE THEY MUST BE NASTY IMMORAL PEOPLE!

Hopefully they will get what they deserve one day.. but in the mean time my business is being ruined as google gets taken over by these parasites leaching everyone else articles and my business fails and i become even more broke! How ironic!!!!!! Hard work doesn't guarantee success is capitalism greed and immorals get you on top and not playing by the rules it seems... well that's the case I am facing anyway!